How We Work With You

Step1: Understanding the client’s needs
Our initial meetings play a vital role in helping us acquire as much information as we can. This involves understanding their lifestyle, business, current investment portfolio and risk appetite.  

Step2: Defining the Goals and Aspirations
We are attentive to our client’s monetary aspiration, future plans, real estate investment and other dependencies. This helps us define their Short, Medium and Long-Term Goals better.

Step3: Deciding on the asset allocation

Basis the information we gather, we construct a best suited and profitable investment allocation over various asset classes. We make sure that our solutions are aligned with our client’s goals, risk profile, returns expectations and time horizon. We also analyse the requirement of insurances such as term insurance, health insurance in the portfolio for long-term wealth protection.

Step4: Putting forth our strategy to the client

Once we have planned the investment allocation we make a presentation to the client. We provide the exact understanding and details of the investments proposed and take feedback from the client. If required, we alter the solutions.


Step5:Executing the financial plan

On agreeing upon the portfolio structure, we execute the investments. We take full charge of the process, from registrations and documentation to holding client meetings every month and quarter to review the portfolio performance.